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12+ Years Experience

Director cum Incharge – Ivy test Tube Baby Center, Ivy Hospital, Mohali

Senior Consultant Laparoscopic Gynaecologist & Obstetrician, IVF& Infertility Specialist

• Enthusiastic and energetic chief consultant at Ivy Hospital, Mohali

• Diploma in Reproductive Medicine and embryology from International School of Medicine, Kiel, Germany

•  Training from IIRM KOLKATA

• Got prestigious fellowship from Indian college of Obsetetrics and  Gynaecologists (FICOG).

• Intense training in Advanced infertility treatment at numerous workshops and conferences

• Invited as a faculty in various state and national conferences.

• Developed state of art advanced laparoscopy unit at Ivy hospital.

• Promotes health awareness by conducting seminars and writing articles.

• In addition of being techno-savvy person, she loves making friends, and keenly interested in learning in education.

• Secretary, Mohali Obs and Gynae Society

• Conducted national level ferticon Confrence 2017.

• Attended various state & national level confrences as feculty.

Diplomate of reproductive medicine and embryology,Member of IMA, COAS, FOGSI, IFS, ISAR. Executive Member of COGS, IFSC Punjab, Secretary MOHOGS
Got Diplomate of Reperoduetive Medicine
Attended Infertility faculty
Young Dynamic infertility and IVF Specialist.