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Effective Ways to Keep Health Emergencies Under Control - Ivy Hospital

Health emergency can knock you down anywhere anytime! You need to be prepared for such kind of situation wherever you are. Generally, you might be at home, traveling or in the office. So, in this blog post, we are going to cover the best ways which make you well prepared to keep the health emergency under control.

At Home:

Stow all the necessary items and information in one easily accessible place. Items could be the first aid which includes each and every stuff that might be helpful for you and your family. Information could be the necessary information regarding your health and the emergency contact numbers at which you can rely upon. Ivy healthcare offers the 24*7 emergency services and provides emergency contact number which you can dial anytime anywhere.

While Traveling:


Traveling needs a lot of efforts to make it go smooth and without any consequences. If you are dealing with any kind of health issues already then taking care becomes more important. You need to keep your prescription list and the medicines according to the health issues that you are facing or might face while traveling. Health insurance is very beneficial if you are traveling as it proves to be cost effective. If you are within the Ivy Hospital’s network then you can access the fast and affordable medical services with ease.

At Office:

If you are neither traveling nor at home then most probably you might be at work when you encounter any kind of health emergency. To cope up with such situation you should, first of all, prepare a list of emergency contacts especially your colleagues who could reach you within a fraction of time. If you have a chronic medical condition then you must inform and train a trusted colleague to handle you in case of an emergency. Keep a fully stocked first aid kit at your workplace. This will be essential! You must encourage your employer to give first aid and CPR training to all the employees.

I hope that you found the ways shared above to be effective and you are now prepared to keep the health emergencies under control. Ivy hospital offers the 24*7 emergency services to cater to all types of emergencies. So, dial their emergency contact number :  +91 99888 23456 and get help within a few minutes.