Top Cardiac Surgery Hospitals

Top Cardiac Surgery Hospitals

Dr. Yanish Bhanot

19 Feb 2024

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Cardiac surgery is a demanding field, and one of the most crucial decisions that a patient makes is selecting the right specialist to carry out their procedure. Punjab is home to some of the best Cardiology specialists in Punjab, and this article provides information about the best cardiologists in the region. We will discuss their experience, qualifications, services offered and other vital details that can help you make an informed decision. Furthermore, we will also provide helpful tips for assessing a cardiac specialist so that you can have a successful cardiac surgery.

Having a cardiac specialist is essential for people who suffer from heart conditions. Punjab has some of the best cardiologists in the country, who have dedicated their lives to helping those with heart disease. With their expertise and experience, they are able to diagnose and treat any kind of cardiac problem with precision. By taking into consideration the medical history and symptoms of the patient, they can provide customised solutions that will bring relief from pain and suffering. The best cardiologists in Punjab are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to diagnose and treat even complex cases related to heart diseases more effectively. They strive to provide high quality care for patients so that they can lead a healthy life.

Punjab is at the forefront of medical care, with a number of top-notch cardiac surgery hospitals providing specialised treatment to patients suffering from heart-related conditions. The best Heart specialist in Punjab are in Ivy Hospital, highly experienced and qualified doctors, who can provide the best possible care for cardiac patients. Moreover, the heart specialists in our hospital (Ivy) are renowned for their expertise and dedication to patient care. With the help of their expert opinions and quality services, Ivy hospital is considered as the best in India when it comes to treating heart ailments.

The Cardiac department at Ivy is making continuous efforts to improve patient health by utilising minimally invasive techniques and through continual scientific innovation, revolutionary operative care & exemplary team effort. The hospital has a well developed centre for non–invasive cardiology including– ECG, Treadmill Test (TMT),

Echocardiography (ECHO), Stress Cardiology, Holter Monitoring and Color Doppler, to list a few. Ivy Hospital provides comprehensive 24*7 Emergency assistance for patients suffering from heart attack, stroke, irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, hypertension or any other cardiovascular disorder.

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