Mr Jaipal Singh

Mr Jaipal Singh

Group Head Supply Chain Management

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Mr. Jaipal Singh, an accomplished professional with an MBA and 24 years of expertise in Supply Chain, possesses a wealth of experience spanning various facets such as Strategic Sourcing, Process Automation, Vendor Development, Supply Chain Management, and Inventory Control.

With a proven track record, Mr. Jaipal has been instrumental in leading procurement initiatives that enhance the efficiency of business units and functional partners, maximizing the value derived from suppliers. His career journey began at United Inks & Varnish Co, followed by impactful roles at Max Healthcare, Indraprastha Medical Corporation, Alchemist Ltd., Dr Lal Path Labs, and PathKind Diagnostics Pvt Ltd. In these positions, he served as Head and General Manager of Procurement, focusing on Strategic Sourcing, Fulfilment Cycle, and Process Improvements.

Mr. Jaipal holds an MBA and a Post Graduate Diploma in Materials Management from Delhi, reflecting a comprehensive educational background that complements his extensive practical experience.