Mr Tariq Tajdar

Mr Tariq Tajdar

Chief Human Resource Officer

About IconAbout Mr Tariq Tajdar

Mr. Tariq Tajdar is a highly experienced human resources professional, with nearly 18 years of expertise in the field. His career began at a prominent Delhi-based consulting firm, where he served as a Consultant with a specialized focus on Talent Acquisition. In his most recent role, he excelled as the Head HR at Cygnus Medicare Pvt. Ltd. in Delhi, playing a key role in the acquisition and establishment of various hospitals across India.

Passionate about contributing to organizational success, Mr. Tariq is dedicated to developing practical strategies and approaches for effective hiring, talent optimization, and the cultivation of a positive organizational culture. His proficiency extends to the creation of customer-focused, high-performance HR teams.

Educationally, Mr. Tariq holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and is a Post Graduate in HR, reflecting a well-rounded academic background that complements his wealth of practical experience.